ViFlow is one of Northern Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of heat exchangers, pressure vessels and other process equipment designed for high pressures and demanding applications

ViFlow specialize in tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels and process equipment to industries in sectors such as defence, offshore, paper & pulp, chemistry, energy and nuclear power. We work in technologically advanced materials like titanium alloys, SMO, various types of stainless steel and carbon steel.


ÖrnalpUnozon, are a world leader manufacturer of equipment in Titan.

In our modern facilities in Örnsköldsvik we design, construct and manufacture pressure vessels and tube heat exchangers, tanks and pipelines for various applications, all in international standards. ÖrnalpUnozon also have unique expertise and experience in welding in special materials and environments and are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of equipment in titanium.

Ekström & Son is one of Europe's leading firms in engineering, manufacturing, and servicing of heatexchangers and pressure vessels for the process industry.

Our customers are all over the world and we have focusedon high quality since 1896. Based in Kristianstad southSweden we provide tailor made process equipment suchas heaters, coolers, evaporators, condensers, columns,and reactor vessels.

Viflow Site Service,No job is too small and hardly anything is too big!

With the world as a field of work, we help you with service and maintenance of your processing equipment in the vast majority of steel grades and titanium. No job is too small and hardly anything is too big! Contact us for your maintenance needs. We can perform single jobs or establish long-term maintenance agreements with agreed appointment times. Our licensed welders come out for you to work with

  • Piping and licensing
  • Tanks and Cisterns
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Specialist competence

ViFlow Finland

ViFlow Finland is our Finnish sales organization with offices in Helsinki, which offers customers comprehensive services in terms of heat exchangers, pressure vessels and process equipment.

ViFlow always seeks the best employees.

Right now there are no vacant services, but open applications are always welcome. Send your application to info@viflow.se